Gardening at the cafe!

Mail Call Seed Haul! Thank you!

Pictured : Green Onion Going To Seed! West Side Garden Update!

Planted 30 Ears Of Corn!!!

Fifth Time At Squash...Was It A Success?

Making Candied Turkey Bacon with Home Fries

Our First Successful Growth Of Squash!

We Got Our First Squash!!

Blueberries are Blooming!

North Side Garden Tour!

South East Side Garden Tour!

West Side Garden Tour!

Hydrating Watermelon!

Shalom Garden Family Enjoy!

A Gardeners Blessing!

Night Time Garden Tour!

Window Garden Update!

Right Side Garden Update!

Front Garden Update!

Back Side Garden Update!

A Great Spring Harvest!

Beautiful PEACH Harvest!

Another Red Mustard Green Harvest!

Propagating Grapes from Cuttings!

Using Recycled Material To Start Pepper Plants!

Window Garden Journey

How To Transplant Cabbage And Broccoli!

How To Harvest Red Giant Mustard Greens!

Sea Moss has 92 Of the 102 Minerals that the body needs!! Lubrication of the joints, Mucus Elimination, Cleanses your body and Immune System and fights off Dis-Ease balances gut bacteria!

GMO? Heck No! Beware Of "Coated" Seeds. They Are Natural By Themselves!

Think You Have NO Space To Grow? Not So!

Visited A Farm POLLINATORS! in Encinitas Ca.

How To Start Green Peppers in a used Spinach Container!

Garden To Table!

Start A Garden In Your Kitchen !

S. A. G. E.

For Occasional Meat Eaters!!

How to Grow Celery From Used Stalks!!


Swiss Chard

Milk Thistle

Cactus Babies

Court Yard Garden Tour!

Making Garden Beds!

Side Garden Tour!

Ramen with Fried Egg

Wine Making!

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