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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Dropping Seeds and Making Teas

🌱Shalom, and welcome to our WhollyLivin Garden Channel where we give All Praises To The Creator of all things for all things! 🌱 🌱We thank you for being here and we hope you are inspired to grow your own, eat your own, and be self sustaining as much as possible. 🌱 Growing herbs to make teas for a herbal medicinal Garden is a smart thing to do in this day and age. Growing various types of herbs for cooking or steeping can have different rffects. Grow as many different fruit trees using the leaves to make delicious teas as well, But be careful some fruit tree leaves can be poisonous if not handled with caution.
🌱 Remember To Always Do Your Bd And Grow Something... Anythig! 🌱

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