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Sunday, December 11, 2022


Teaching them young to do the things you love to do that are fun, productive and down right rewarding is important to the life of your garden. Just think you have grand children you taught to garden and harvest and as the years go by you are not feeling upto the task. Tou have these not so little ones who remember being in the garden as a child and are enthusiastic to help you maintain your garden as an adult! This is a rewarding experience for both you and the child! Teach when they are young and they will remember the importance of growing your own fruits and vegetable garden and share with their children! Featured in this video is Trinity who came to visit from Houston Tx. Trinity thoroughly enjoyed gardening and harvesting the tomatoes that she put straight in her mouthI In her words they were "YUMMY" and this is the reason we teach them to grow at a young age for the gratification of knowing it came from your soil, your hands and straight to your mouth and thats what Trininty was able to enjoy!!
Do you have garden guest in your garden who love to help out? If So drop a comment we always love to hear from our WhollyLivin Garden Family!

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