Are You Harvesting Brussel Sprout Leaves?

Have you thought about or even tried to eat the Brussel Sprout leaves from growing Brussel Sprout plants? Theses tasty Collard Green tasting leaves are as nutritious as the tiny little cabbage vegetables we love to eat! Brussels Sprouts are a Brassica plant that grows in Spring for a fall harvest. They require lots of water in the early stages down to the harvest on the Fall. The leaves are generally harvested to expose the neck of the plantss so that the small Cabbage like crowns can grow in the space the where the leaf was. Do not expect regrowth of leaves for the same purpose just look for the Brussel Sprout! If you haven't already, try growing sowing a batch of Brussel Sprout seeds so that you can enjoy the plant from the leaf to the fruit!! And,
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