Why you should always give your garden a rest from pruning, watering and rearranging so that they can just having a chance to grow? They need it! Do this and you will be amazed at the new growth patterns and maybe even find some new fruit!! Did you know that touching and rearranging your plants can stunt their growth? Sometimes you just need to leave them alone! Just think we as people dont always need to be tended to, sometimes we want to just rest. Our plants are alive and in the same way they want to rest as well, aside from a soft watering some light pruning they might just want to be. The up side to this is coming back to see what has changed in your garden like a new piece of fruit or a new leaf that has sprouted either way it is a gratifying experience to wake up to!
Remember To Always Do Your Best Be Blessed And Grow Something...Anything!


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