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Sunday, July 24, 2022


Have you ever wondered how you can have the ability to harvest from your indoor or outdoor garden year round? Wonder no more, because if you try growing just two of these items you can and will have a harvest year round. Let's start with the Green Onion or Scallion some may call them. These long green stem onions have a two fold harvest. I say this because you can buy them in bunches usually with the root attached to start your plants. You can cut the onion stalks for cooking and plant the bulbs in the ground or in a container for never ending onions. When the onions begin to flower you can decide how many flowers you would like to have by picking off the flowers, but when dried they will yield you seeds and not tiny ones either big black beautiful seeds! If you let them fall to the ground they will grow you new onions year round. Enjoy the Harvests! Next, is the Rainbow Chard notice I didn't say Swiss Chard I didn't say Swiss because Swiss Chard grows a little different than the Rainbow. Rainbow Chard seems to give out larger Leaves and have a heartier growth pattern than the Swiss, and they have a beautiful red color along the stem. I have had Rainbow Chard in the garden for three years now and they just keep on growing and growing using the cut and come again method. Rainbow Chard contains 3 times the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K and is loaded with vitamin A. Chard also helps to combat cancer, reduce blood pressure and enhance performance in sports. Who Knew? Always,
Always Remember To Do Your Best Be Blessed And Grow Something...Anything!!


Have you thought about or even tried to eat the Brussel Sprout leaves from growing Brussel Sprout plants? Theses tasty Collard Green tasting leaves are as nutritious as the tiny little cabbage vegetables we love to eat! Brussels Sprouts are a Brassica plant that grows in Spring for a Fall/Winter harvest IN ZONE 10A. They require lots of water in the early stages down to the harvest. The leaves are generally harvested to expose the neck of the plantss so that the small cabbage like crowns can grow in the space the where the leaf was. Do not expect regrowth of leaves for the same purpose just look for the Brussel Sprout! If you haven't already, try growing a batch of Brussel Sprout seeds so that you can enjoy the plant from the leaf to the fruit!!

Monday, July 11, 2022


This chicken Feeder is amazing and if you have a few of theses lil cuties then this will essential to you and your coopers!! We are hoping to get some Chickens or some Quail in our garden home. If you either have meat birds, egg layers or have a desire to home some this is the must have for watering your coopers!
Remember To Always Do Your Best Be Blessed And Grow Something...Anything!
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We have the odd pleasure of getting rain the spring and summer months. This was that occasion! Having rain in your garden is obviously a ble...