These are the typical Green Onions commonly know as the Scallions that can be easily grown in a window sill, a container or in ground giving you year round access to onions! I have always planted this variety of onion for their convenience and availablilty. Cooking a meal and being able go to the window or yard and pinch a few is always gratifying to me, but the really cool part is that you can go to your local Farmers Market or grocery store and purchase some with the roots intact and probagate your own for future onion harvest year after year! This is a game changer or those who are gardening on a budget, buy once eat many! You can allow then to go to seed or pinch off that beautiful white flower to stop the process and keep growing the onion. The next alternative is to harvest the seeds after they have dried waiting until you can see the little black speckss; these are the seeds! Happy Harvest!
Remember To always Do Your Best Be Blessed And Grow Something...Anything!
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