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Saturday, June 25, 2022


Receiving mail from a content creator such as myself is always gratifying. Sharing seeds, plants, seedlings, and ideas is an important element in the growth of our gardens! In this blog post I will be sharing some of the seeds I received; some of which are most interesting to me because I have never planted them before. One is the Patty Pan Squash, this squash resembles a flying saucer and they grow in abundance; so you want to be sure NOT to plant too many unless you are donating to a Farmers Market or have a community garden donation source. Another alternative to donating is Canning and storing for long term use. Which brings me to my next topic canning. Learning how to can is an essential tool to have for the times we are in today. When growing up our grand parents made sure we had the edible resourses from their gardens to self sustain our families. Another seed recieved was the Kolhrabi, this is another plant we have yet to grow in our gardens here. This is an exteremely medicinal plant that will be discussed in a future blog. I hope you enjoy the vlog and
Remember To Always Do Your Best, Be Blessed and Grow Something!

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