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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

It NEVER Rains in So Cal!

On this one chilly morning in February, we were awakened to thunderous downpours here in not so sunny San Diego! What a blessing to have a day like today. We waited for what seemed like eternity since yesterday's announcement, and finally it slammed and I mean slammed into our atmosphere of closed blinds and a low burning fire yes, a morning blaze to quell the chill. 
As the droplets fell heavy on the house, the idea of not seeing them gave way to opened blinds. One by one they revealed a different design, as the delightful sheets of rain glided down the windowpane. It made it all worth the effort to get out of our warm bed.  
Now that the rain has subsided a little, the sun has made her daily debut and off we go to another sunny day! But wait, there are more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast...and we can't wait! 
Whenever it rains here in Cali, we try to make it an event no matter what time it is. We could be in the middle of sleep and hear the rain and just our arousal alone is an event...we take a moment to pray and thank God for the much-needed rain listen a little more and doze on back to sleep. During the day we may take a drive to the ocean to see the waves during the beach hazard statement...we call this an event as well.  
After watching the waves and a quick stroll along the boardwalk we head home to the warmth and cozy aromas of home where we will create our next rainy event wine, snacks and a card game. 

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